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Desert Cactus Landscape

About Us

We are a family owned and operated ranch. Starting out in Bandera Texas and branching to far west Texas we are currently holding operations in Loving County Texas. The name Loving fits how we feel about our animals and operation. We are passionate about our herd and improving the breeds. Farming and ranching feed the world not just the body, but the mind, heart and soul as well. 

Little Lamb

Our Mission

To ethically and efficiently raise superior livestock. While keeping the tradition alive in the future generations of our family.


The Beginning

Serving the Community since 2019

Our herd started with Nigerian Dwarves who took us above and beyond our passions for ranching. 

Fueled by my initial love of my aunts goat named Henrietta and the love of my childhood best friend a wonderful Collie named Fire Star Lady, Fire Star Ranch was born. 

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