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Fire Star Ranch LLC

Meat & Dairy Goats, Soaps, Farm Fresh Eggs & More!

Enjoy the fresh air, delicious food and

friendly animals at Fire Star Ranch and Kitchen.

Veteran family owned and run.

Come visit us at Fire Star Ranch soon.

Man with Cowboy Hat

We cater to people who want to know

where their meat and dairy come from,

with faith in the farmer for quality. 

We give our customers peace of mind knowing 

the animals are well cared for and their 

meat and dairy are high quality.

Our herd and flock of 

 Nigerian Dwarves,

Kikos, Boers and medium wool sheep 

are bred for meat and dairy as well

show and breeding stock.

Our registered as well as our unregistered

herd are a great way to

improve your herd or show genetics!

Homemade Natural Soap
Aromatic Natural Soap

Our hand made goat milk soaps are
incredible for your skin!

Contact us for interest in our goats & sheep,
their kids & lambs  for sale,
meat, cheese, soap and more!


100% Registered New Zealand Kiko


Registered Nigerian Dwarf

Contact us today for inquiries, ask about our
hoof trimming services!

Rockport, Pipe Creek and Mentone, Tx


Farm Dog
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